Want to create thick glass panels that have great dimension and depth?


In this 5-day Master Class, I will teach you how to apply enamel to glass layers, then stack and fuse these layers into solid panels. Topics covered include:


  • design and image selection
  • composition and layout
  • maximizing the sense of depth and dimension in your work
  • discussion of enamels and how they respond to fusing temperatures
  • painting medium and tools
  • how to mix and apply enamels
  • fusing schedules
  • bubble control
  • kiln loading instructions
  • finishing techniques


The emphasis of this workshop is the processes involved in creating thick panels that include great dimension. It is not primarily a painting workshop, however many painting tips and techniques are also provided. Although drawing and painting experience is helpful, it is not required. Prior kiln-work experience is required, however.


Students will complete several initial exercises and 2 complete projects during this class, and are encouraged to choose and bring to the class printed images for compositions they would like to use for these projects. Important image selection guidelines will be provided prior to class.


In my Creating Dimension 5-day Masterclass, I’ll teach you how to make beautiful, painted thick panels that include great depth and dimension.

If you are unable to attend a live workshop, I also offer educational classes online.


Spring 2020:

  • January 27-31 – Home Studio (Indio, CA) – see local Travel Information.
  • March 23-27 – Home Studio (Indio, CA) – see local Travel Information.  (canceled due to health concerns related to COVID-19.)
  • June 6-10 – GlassForum, in Averøy, Norway.   (canceled due to health concerns related to COVID-19.)


 Fall 2020:

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 6.59.31 PM