Want to create thick glass panels that have great dimension and depth?


In this live and online Master Class, I will teach you how to apply enamel to glass layers, then stack and fuse these layers into solid panels.   This new online format is different from my 5-day in-person workshop – the same content will be covered, but in 4-hour online sessions on weekends.


This is not a webinar!  With small, intimate groups of students, you are free to interact with Paul and with each other, ask questions verbally, and get help with problems. It’s fully interactive!  You will complete exercises during the class, and start projects as well, while Paul is online to provide guidance and feedback.  You’ll complete each project on your own time during the week.  Further help is available during the week either using optional, scheduled “office hours”, or by using a private Facebook group.  A total of 36 hours of live instructor time is provided in this workshop.


Topics covered include:


  • design and image selection
  • composition and layout
  • maximizing the sense of depth and dimension in your work
  • discussion of enamels and how they respond to fusing temperatures
  • painting medium and tools
  • how to mix and apply enamels
  • fusing schedules
  • bubble control
  • kiln loading instructions
  • finishing techniques


The emphasis of this workshop is the processes involved in creating thick panels that include great dimension. It is not primarily a painting workshop, however many painting tips and techniques are also provided, and the many demos show you the way. Although drawing and painting experience is helpful, it is not required. Prior kiln-work experience is recommended, however.


Students will complete several initial exercises and 2 complete projects during this workshop, and are encouraged to choose images for compositions they would like to use for these projects. Important image selection guidelines will be provided prior to class.


In addition, I’m adding a bonus for this online workshop!  For the first time, I’ll reveal the products and techniques I use to create my beautiful, ethereal “foggy landscapes”.



In my Creating Dimension Online Masterclass, I’ll teach you how to make beautiful, painted thick panels that include great depth and dimension.


Two sessions are scheduled for the Fall of 2020:


  • Session 1 starts September 19 and ends October 20
  • Session 2 starts October 24 and ends November 24


A detailed schedule for both classes can be found here.


I’m teaming up with Glass eMotions in Ottowa to bring you this fantastic new online experience.  Their Live Glassroom provides all the technology and support for this fully interactive teaching experience.


For further details, and to register for the course, head to the Glass eMotions website.


Once you’ve registered, then go to Coachella Glassworks to order the materials kits.  Kits are available for almost everything you’ll need, including precut glass, premixed Rogue enamels, hand tools, and dams.  A $100 discount is applied to your shopping cart if you order all four kits.  Shipping for kits is free in the US, and in other countries, you’ll only pay the difference in shipping.  You’ll need to provide a laptop or tablet, plus a cell phone as a 2nd camera (all with a good internet connection), access to a kiln, and a few simple tools that you likely have around your house or studio.  Click the above link to Glass eMotions for complete details.

Trees in Twilight - Side View
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