Large Fusing Kiln for Sale

I’m selling my Denver KL-CS72 fusing kiln because I’m moving into a smaller studio space.  It’s a real workhorse – just bigger than I can fit these days.  I hate to part with it.

This is a good kiln.  Inside dimensions are a roomy 36”x72”, and it comes with a single extruded concrete shelf measuring 30”x71” (from Euclid Kilns) which stays absolutely flat during firing.  So you have a nice big flat/smooth fusing surface for larger work or many smaller pieces without having to worry about warping or seams between shelves.  The kiln floor is brick but the rest is fiber.  The outside dimensions of the kiln:  93” long, 54” wide (including clearance for the fan) and 50” high. It has been a great kiln for student work in my workshops, for firing multiple projects, and for large production pieces.

This kiln has a clamshell design and a welded metal frame so you can work at waist level to load/unload your work.  Loading large or complicated work is easy.

The kiln has mercury relays for reliability and a 12-key RTC-1000 controller.  I bought this kiln 10 years ago and it is still in great shape (fired on average just once a week, with the majority of firings happening at just 1100F – so it was relatively lightly used during that time).  The rear of the kiln has an attached exhaust fan which you can turn on or off at any step in the firing schedule. 

This kiln draws 50 amps of 3-phase power.  Electrical specs are listed below for 3-phase power.  The fiber insulation and the 3-phase power are very efficient, reducing your power demand and your firing cost.  I have a complete set of PDF manuals for the kiln and for the RTC-1000.

The sale price is $5,900, or best offer.  Similar new kilns of this size are now selling for $12,000 to $15,000.  The $5,900 package deal includes the large, flat, concrete shelf which currently sells for over $1100 plus shipping.

The kiln is available for you to pickup in Indio, California. 

For questions contact Paul Messink at