Paul Messink’s best selling online educational videos (Temporarily Unavailable but will return in 2021) are a great alternative to his Creating Dimension Live Workshops. These full-length videos can be viewed on any computer, tablet, or phone, and never expire.


Paul’s Creating Dimension video series is a complete Master Class, divided into 3 sessions, which are 2-3 hours each in length – a total of over 8 hours of instruction and demos. The sessions are organized as:


Session 1Introduction to Enamels
Session 2Introduction to Multi-Layered Panels
Session 3Advanced topics for Multi-Layered Panels

With this Master Class video series, you will be able to create your own multi-layered, thick glass panels. The videos provide all of the education that you get in a live workshop, but at a lower cost, and with no travel cost! You can learn at your own pace, and go back to any section again and again.


Paul’s teaching style is very approachable, clear, and organized. He explains each step thoroughly and provides many demos so you can both see and hear what you are learning.


New Videos Releasing in 2021: The new videos will contain the same overall content but will be updated with new material and demos. Stay tuned for more information! Please Notify Me of updates on availability!

Creating Dimension Video Series Master Class

Introduction to Enamels

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Introduction to Multi-Layered Panels

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Advanced topics for Multi-Layered Panels

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