Paul Messink’s best selling online educational videos (Temporarily Unavailable and will return Fall 2020) are a great alternative to his Creating Dimension live workshops. These full-length videos can be viewed on any computer, tablet, or phone, and never expire.


Introduction to Enamels


Introduction to Enamels takes you on a complete journey on using glass enamels to create stunning visual images.  Paul covers all aspects of painting with enamels:  how they are mixed, various ways of applying them, suggested tools, and a review of enamel brands and medium.  Many demos are provided for mixing, painting, textures, and stencils.  Kiln firing schedules are included, as well as a complete list of materials, supplies, and tools.



Introduction to Multi-Layered Panels


Introduction to Multi-Layered Panels builds on your enamel skills, to show you how to create beautiful multi-layered glass panels. This session covers the selection of images, how to break images into layers, tips on painting multi-layered panels, assembling and loading the project into a kiln, and finishing steps. Also included in this session is a great chapter on bubble control, showing how you can create sensational multi-layered panels that are virtually bubble free! As in the first session, many great demos are provided, and firing schedules and a complete list of materials, supplies, and tools are included.



Advanced Topics for Multi-Layered Panels


Advanced Topics for Multi-Layered Panels completes the series by going into further detail on image selection, maximizing depth and dimension in multi-layered work, finishing and troubleshooting, composition tips, painting tips and pitfalls, along with many demos including how to paint clouds, water, sunsets, and more. This important section gives you all the knowledge and tools to take your painted panels to the next layer, and be successful as a glass painter. Kiln schedules for troubleshooting purposes are included, as well as a list of sources for royalty-free images to paint from.